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Nasiol Canada


Nasiol GLASSHIELD Wipe-On gives you everything you need in one package. GLASSHIELD will transform your windshield into a superhydrophobic surface not allowing any rain or moisture to stick to it. 


  • Raindrops slide right off, leaving no trace of being on your windshield – who needs wipers?
  • Driving over 50km/ hr the water will just bead off.
  • Dramatically increases visibility – better than new, better than waterproof waxes, this is nano-coating at its best!

How to Apply?

  • Clean surfaces from external factors such as oil and dirt.
  • Clean the glass surface with #1 towel which is Nasiol Clean Wipe by doing vertical and horizontal movements.
  • After you cleaned the surface with #1 Nasiol Clean Wipe, take  #2 Nasiol GlasShield Wipe On and clean the other half of the windshield equally with linear movements and do not add extra pressure. Wipe the surface continuously until the towel dries. Repeat the same process for the rest of the windshield.
  • Store your car for 24 hours in a dry, dirt less and shaded area for best results.

Areas of Usage

Designed for car glass and mirror surfaces. 




5 g

Application surface type

Car glass and mirrors


2 years/80000 wiper/ 45000  km

Temperature durability

275 °C

Chemical Resistance



Entire Kit per Windshield

Coating thickness

75-100 nm

Water repellency

Oil repellency

Shelf life

2 years

Keeping conditions

-3°C to + 30°C

Curing time

24 hours