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Nasiol Canada


1000% increase in visibility and safety while driving in rainy conditions...

GLASSHIELD sprays on for safe driving in rainy conditions. The nano coating will last for 2 years. Glasshield glass treatment not only protects your car’s windscreen and mirrors it also creates an easy to clean surface and protects from acids, UV damage and anything that can stain your windows.

  • Driving over 50 km/hr the water will just bead off.
  • Raindrops slide right off, leaving no trace of being on your windshield – who needs wipers?
  • Dramatically increases visibility – better than new, better than waterproof waxes, this is nano coating at its best!

GLASSHIELD is the best and most efficient product in the market for rain repellency, meaning it’s also the best for ensuring driving safety.

How to Apply Glass Treatment?

  • The surface should be cleaned with Nasiol Clean and free of dust, dirt, oil or water.
  • The application should be made in a shaded area.
  • The surface should be sprayed around 20 times for one square meter.
  • The surface should be buffed immediately with a dry microfiber cloth.
  • Curing time is 24 hr.